Who We Are

Innovative Digital Education and Learning-New Mexico (IDEAL-NM) is a statewide eLearning program of the New Mexico Public Education Department.


We envision robust educational options for students in New Mexico that ensure all students have access to the full continuum of student-centric online and blended learning opportunities regardless of zip code or socio-economic status. Further, we envision that:

  • All public and charter schools are positioned to offer personalized learning opportunities to students through the entire continuum of student-centric online and blended learning (i.e. traditional, online, and blended learning).
  • As digital learners, students have options for creating personalized and meaningful learning experiences inside and outside of the physical classroom and school day/structure.
  • All teachers embrace a student-centric vision of education, are proficient in 21st century teaching and are able to leverage technology to support 21st century learning for students.
  • All school leaders understand the importance of digital education and inspire the technology innovations necessary that modernize our education system and support personalized learning for students.

What We Do


IDEAL-NM supports New Mexico schools in expanding education options for students through technology innovations.

Virtual School

IDEAL-NM offers statewide virtual courses in collaboration with New Mexico schools. Through the virtual school, districts and charter schools are able to expand educational opportunity for students. IDEAL-NM provides the online course taught by a licensed New Mexico teacher. The enrolling school provides students with the space and technology and designates a site coordinator or learning coach to monitor and support students to ensure success.

Statewide Learning Management System (LMS)

All New Mexico schools have access to the statewide LMS, which serves as the platform for the development and delivery of online and blended learning programs. IDEAL-NM provides the training, technical assistance and help-desk support to partner schools in the development of quality online learning programs. Through the statewide LMS, schools have access to 116 semester-long IDEAL-NM courses for supplemental, blended and fully online learning.