Become An e-Teacher

  • IDEAL-NM offers training for prospective eTeachers. The training is designed to prepare teachers to teach effectively in the online environment. The structure of the training consists of a two day face- to-face intensive training followed by a four-week online course. If you are interested in becoming an IDEAL-NM eTeacher your first step is to read the FAQ's below and then submit your application at: Currently, there are no positions open, but we are accepting applications.

Some Common Questions

  • Do I qualify to become an eTeacher for IDEAL-NM?

    To be become an IDEAL-NM eTeacher you must meet the following criteria:

    1. Have at least 3 years teaching experience at the secondary level
    2. Have a current NM teaching license with a content area endorsement (special education and bilingual education do not qualify at this time)
    3. Have online learning experience
  • How can I become an eTeacher for IDEAL-NM?

    The first step is to apply for the IDEAL-NM eTeacher training. There is an application to apply for eTeacher training on the website. Note: This is only an application to apply for the eTeacher training.

  • What does the training entail?

    There is a two-day, face-to-face training, followed by a four-week online course. The training is intense. Participants can expect to spend approximately 2 hours, 5 days a week engaged in learning about teaching for IDEAL-NM during the online training portion.

  • What is the likelihood of teaching for IDEAL-NM after completing the training?

    It depends on enrollments and certification. IDEAL-NM currently employs close to 60 eTeachers, and the numbers continue to grow every year. Typically, teachers endorsed in high-demand subjects (Spanish language and history) are assigned courses soon after the training. Those teachers with the highest ratings at the end of the training are considered first.

  • What will my employment status be as an IDEAL-NM eTeacher?

    IDEAL-NM eTeachers are independent contractors. This means that there are no benefits (insurance, retirement, etc.), and taxes (including state gross receipt taxes) are your responsibility as the contractor. Contracts are generated annually and run from July 1 to June 30 of each fiscal year.

  • When are courses offered and how long do courses last?

    IDEAL-NM offers open enrollment. Students have 18 weeks from the time they enroll to complete a course. However, each course has a pacing guide that allows students to adjust their pace within the 18-week timeframe. eTeachers are assigned a course beginning in fall and typically teach through the spring and summer semester.

  • What is the compensation for IDEAL-NM eTeachers?

    IDEAL-NM eTeachers are paid $170 per enrollment for general education courses and $200 per enrollment for Advanced Placement courses. An enrollment accounts for any student enrolled and active in a course for 20 or more days. Payment occurs at the end of the typical fall semester, spring semester and summer session.

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