The benefits of digital learning.

Leveraging the power of technology will give students the ability to learn in their own style, at their own pace, anywhere, anytime. It liberates students from herd learning and provides the opportunity for all students to achieve.Digital Learning Now

Ranked third in the nation by the Center for Digital Education in 2009,
Innovative Digital Education and Learning (IDEAL-NM) offers a statewide, supplemental virtual school in collaboration with New Mexico schools. Through the virtual school, IDEAL-NM offers over 116 semester-long online courses that are taught by licensed New Mexico teachers.

The IDEAL-NM virtual school is supplemental because we work in partnership with New Mexico schools. Students enroll in IDEAL-NM online courses through a local school. The school provides the space, technology and a support person the school site, and awards course credit. IDEAL-NM provides the online course taught by licensed New Mexico teacher as well as support services to ensure student success.

Students choose to take IDEAL-NM online courses for a variety of reasons including:

  • Credit recovery
  • Credit acceleration
  • Enrichment
  • Advanced Placement
  • Expansion of electives
  • Fulfillment of the distance learning graduation requirement
  • Flexibility in scheduling

Most students who are enrolled in IDEAL-NM are enrolled full time at a school and are taking 1- 2 courses online.

Digital learning offers many benefits including:

  • Increased access to high-quality teachers
  • Expansion of elective courses and opportunities for enrichment and Advanced Placement
  • Increased flexibility (the ability for a student to customize his/her own learning—path, pace, time and space)
  • Interaction with students and teachers outside of student’s local school/district
  • 21st Century Skill Development (preparation for college, careers and a global society)