How to Get Started

Is my child a good fit for online learning?

At IDEAL-NM we believe that all students are digital learners. However, basic computer literacy skills are critical to student success in an online environment. To find out what these skills are, go to the student resources link.

Who do I contact to enroll my child in an IDEAL-NM online course?

New Mexico public school students can enroll in an IDEAL-NM online course through their current school. As a parent, your first point of contact is your child’s school counselor. If you have difficulty finding someone to talk to about enrolling in IDEAL-NM, you may contact the IDEAL-NM student services coordinator.

New Mexico home school students can enroll directly through IDEAL-NM and pay for the enrollment fees. However, IDEAL-NM does not grant high school credit. To enroll your child directly through IDEAL- NM as a home school student, contact the IDEAL-NM student services coordinator. If you want your child to earn credit towards graduation, you will need to enroll through your child’s local school. To do this, contact your local school counselor. Please see FAQs for more detailed information on IDEAL-NM home school options.

Private school students can enroll in IDEAL-NM courses through their schools. However, participation in IDEAL-NM is optional. Contact your school counselor to find out if your school participates in IDEAL-NM.

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