New Mexico Statewide Learning Management System

IDEAL-NM supports New Mexico schools as they implement innovative models of teaching and learning. Through partnerships with IDEAL-NM, schools leverage technology to provide personalized learning opportunities for students, close achievement gaps, and empower students with 21st century skills necessary for college and career readiness.

What is the statewide Learning Management System (LMS)?

The statewide learning management system is the platform for the development and delivery of online and blended learning programs. Schools develop individual and branded web portals (virtual learning environments) within the statewide system and have full access to all IDEAL- NM online courses.

What can a school do with a web portal?

Through your school’s web portal you can use IDEAL-NM courses and develop your own courses, build collaboration through communities and organizations, and share content and resources across your organization.

There are three components to a web portal:

  1. Content System: Store and share resources and content within your secure portal.
  2. Community System: Build communities of practice within your portal and use the virtual collaboration tools (e.g. Wikis, Blogs, Chat, Announcements, and Messaging).
  3. Learning Management System: Develop and deliver online content (K-12 courses, professional development courses, training modules, etc.)

What is the cost?

There is no cost to your school or district for the use of the LMS. IDEAL-NM staff provide training, technical assistance and help desk support to ensure successful portal development and implementation. However, there is an investment in terms of staff, professional development and time to implement a portal.

Are you ready to champion an innovative next-generation model at your school?

Read the Web Portal FAQ and then proceed to Getting Started.